US Expatriate Tax

Fast. Affordable. Hassle-Free

Aberny is an elite group of highly experienced and well-qualified expat tax professionals. Having years of experience in expatriate tax services, we provide streamlined planning and compliance services while saving our clients from double taxation. With our reliable guidance and expertise, we help US expats and foreign nationals navigate unique tax regulations and minimize duty obligations. Above and beyond, we assist in avoiding penalties and practices that could flag our clients for IRS audits.

We’ve been preparing expat returns for over 25 years and have clients in uncountable countries – with our wealth of experience, we help you claim a foreign tax credit against your income while complying with all the regulations. Whether you need assistance on tax filing or want someone to do this on your behalf, our tax specialists can help. We use secure servers and portals to keep your sensitive information safe as privacy is at the core of everything we do at Aberny.

Backed by a strong international network, our professionals, guide you through the complex matter of cross-border mobility while helping you understand the labor and payroll law. We strategically plan your expat employment and work with you closely to cater to your unique needs. Being professional expatriate tax services providers, our team supports clients to make they achieve the best possible outcome. From planning US federal tax returns to state income tax returns and foreign bank and asset reporting – we do it all.

Our professionals ensure that you fulfill all tax deadlines and filing requirements, either you're being taxed as a "non-resident alien", a US citizen living and working abroad, or a foreign national living and working in the US. Besides, we craft a tax-efficient employment structure for non-residents with optimization and planning of the tax obligations of staff and their companies. Our expat tax professionals walk through every step of filling tax with you to ensure a smooth and simple process specific to your situation.